justREEL is a bi-monthly feature length documentary series. Now in its eleventh year, justREEL runs from September to May.


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About the Film

International documentary filmmaker Tom Reissmann turns his camera lens to British Columbia’s grizzly bear hunt in his new film, The Grizzly Truth. Drawn by the interplay of scientific and social issues surrounding the iconic king of the forest, Reissmann objectively captures arguments made for an against grizzly bear hunting. He combines the striking imagery of British Columbia’s forests and the majestic bears themselves with voices of hunters, outfitters, government officials, eco-tourism operators, and naturalists. The film dispels the half-truths and untruths in grizzlies and pulls people’s attentions to the real issues at stake.

Film Information

Year: 2017
Length:  89 mins
Language: English


Cast & Credits

Director: Tom Reissmann

Locations & Showtimes

Tuesday,  Sep 12, 2017   |   7:00PM
River Park Auditorium

Admission: Free

Conversation Leader

July 10 - Tom Reissmann

August 10 - Kevin Van Tighem

August 31 - Charlie Russell

Kevin Van Tighem, born and raised in Calgary, is a noted naturalist, conservation advocate, hunter and angler, Kevin graduated with a degree in plant ecology from the University of Calgary in 1977 and went on to work as a biologist with the Canadian Wildlife Service. Kevin is the author of fourteen books on wildlife and conservation. His most recent book is Our Place/Changing the Nature of Alberta.

Thomas Reissmann, globe-trotting professional videographer, initially studied Tourism Management in the UK and Australia. He then spent some years working in the tourism industry as a marketing executive, traveling to South America, New Zealand and the UK. He finally found his passion about 10 years ago, when he started producing promotional videos for tourism companies. Since then, Tom lived in Australia traveling and producing travel videos, and spent months filming the wildlife in Tanzania and Kenya and hike Kilimanjaro. He has since also become a documentary filmmaker, dedicated to preserving the most threatened natural resources of our planet and helping indigenous communities. He is the producer and director or The Grizzly Truth.

Charlie Russell, Canadian naturalist lived more than 13 years studying - and eventually, befriending -  grizzly bears.